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September 17, 2019
Equations written with a black dry erase marker on a glass in a lab setting

Life As A Lab — A Great Experiment

I’m going to let you in on a biz pep talk I need to give myself right now, about living my life as a lab. First of all, I’m a recovering perfectionist. But just like recovery, the process of giving up the strictures of perfectionism have not gone in a straight line. I thought I had licked this back in high school, when I realized I couldn’t be #1 at everything — I could only do my best. When I entered college, after meeting so many people who were so much more intelligent than me, I learned that competing with myself was the best option. It still is. But in growing my business, perfectionism has reared its ugly head many a time. It creates a sort of tunnel vision that doesn’t really help me see the big picture. I can’t see how far I’ve come because it seems like I have a long way to go. And there are reasons for this pressure: I want to help more people. I want to accomplish more things in my personal life. I want to be successful, like right now. But all of those things take time — specifically, you have to be open to experimentation. Life as a Game One thing about being an adult — someone may tell you about how a certain life event is going to be, but then you could experience a different outcome. But let’s talk about something a little less life-or-death…gaming! As a stress reliever (but sometimes […]
November 7, 2018
red, white, and black sign that says " WE OFFER 3 KINDS OF SERVICES GOOD CHEAP FAST BUYOU CAN ONLY PICK TWO"

Pick Two — These Two

  We all know the adage above, and yet we’ve all worked with clients who want the mythical unicorn of all three. I love this website: http://fastgood.cheap/ because it shows you that this unicorn really does not and will never exist. Try and see if you can get all three switches to be on at once. But out of the three pairs of service types, I argue that most folks really do want fast and good work. Yet we all know where the rub is–the cost. Cheap & Fast or Good & Cheap? There are times you may want good and cheap work, primarily when you’re not in a hurry. But how often are business owners willing to wait on work? There may also be times that you want work done cheap and fast. Maybe you just need some prototype or a mock-up of a product. Quality may not be important in this case, but maybe it should be. So back to the cost. Sure, it’s great to get a deal–and who doesn’t love a deal? But you have to decide what’s important to you and whether you’re willing to save the time and effort it would take to skimp on quality. Are You Willing to Invest? It’s an investment to upgrade a website, to start having consistent, well-written blog posts, to create an email campaign. And the people who create this content are typically professionals. They’ve put in the work, the schooling, and the training to get great at their […]
September 4, 2018
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The Meaning and Honor of Work

Happy post-Labor Day — although if you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or small business owner like myself, maybe you didn’t have yesterday off. Either way, most of us are back in the thick of work today, so I hope it’s been an easy transition, whether you were at work or play yesterday. Over the past few days, you may have seen a social media dust-up about someone who tried to shame actor Geoffrey Owens, most known for his role on The Cosby Show. Someone snapped photos of him working at Trader Joe’s in New Jersey, as if to say, wow, look how far he’s fallen. What happened next was remarkable and heartening. I saw so many people on Twitter come to Owens’s defense, like this tweet of a random act of kindness Owens and his wife did for a then college student. Other famous actors opened up about their day jobs, like Mike Colter who was on the TV show The Good Wife, but he had to wait tables to make ends meet. Even the actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA, tweeted support for Owens and many other creatives like him. This morning, Owens spoke out on Good Morning America, and it really warmed my heart (the video is about five minutes and worth your time). I loved that he was wearing his Trader Joe’s name tag. Owens was definitely at first hurt by the attempt to shame him, but when so many people came to his defense, he didn’t have much time to feel ashamed. There’s […]